Newspaper Accounts of School Visits

"Sounding a warning about an endangered species: Heroes" The Philadelphia Inquirer Thursday November 25, 1999
"Teaching children to discover heroes" The Philadelphia Inquirer Thursday November 25, 1999
"Gibbon lectures on modern heroism" The Lawrence--School Newspaper Volume 120, Number 6, November 5, 1999

Comments on School Visits

The kids were galvanized by his visit, debating and discussing his ideas and observations for days afterwards, pro and con, in a spirited and ongoing debate (the teachers were pleased as well). At a time when public education is under widespread criticism, it was affirming to our mission in urban education that Peter's lively dialogue was as wonderful for him as it was for us.

Elizabeth A. Grady, Teacher, History/Social Science,
Cambridge Rindge & Latin School,Cambridge, Massachusetts

No other guest speaker in my memory has had this much impact on students.

Robert N. Kroncke, Social Studies Teacher,
Rufus King High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Yours is a critical and timely message for our community.

Deb Caughron, Teacher, The Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Nearly two weeks after your presentation, students are still finding their way to my office to talk about heroes. They've mulled over your ideas at the lunch table, in the physics lab, and in English a school that includes as part of its mission statement the expectation that our young women lead "considered and consequential lives," it's imperative that we provide examples of some people who have done so.

Susan Solberg, Dean of Students, Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, Maryland

"The issue of the need for heroes was resurrected the week following your presentation. Some teachers told me that, following the tragic incident in Colorado, students commented that your remarks became very relevant and timely to them, stimulating further discussion of what you had to say in light of this incident."

Louis A. Meyer, Assistant Principal for Academics,
Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, San Francisco, California

He made me look differently at heroes.

Student, Newton South High School, Newton, Massachusetts

Letters of Recommendation


Boston College High School Boston, Massachusetts December 20, 2002
Mills E. Godwin High School Richmond, Virginia December 29, 2002
Sewickley Adademy Sewickley, Pennsylvania November 4, 2002

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