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Dr. Peter Gibbon is the author of A Call to Heroism: Renewing America's Vision of Greatness published by Atlantic Monthly Press in 2002 and in paperback in 2003. In May 2003 he was a speaker at the White House Forum on History, Civics and Service Education.

He has published articles in Newsweek, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Washington Post as well as in a variety of professional journals, such as Teachers College Record and The History Teacher. He has appeared on television and radio programs, including the Diane Rehm Show, Fox News, Here and Now, On Point, and the David Brudnoy Show.

Dr. Gibbon has traveled around the country talking to general audiences and to middle and high school students about heroism. In assemblies and individual literature and history classes, he has talked to students in public, private, and parochial schools in twenty states over the last several years.

He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Boston University's School of Education. He was for eight years a Research Associate at Harvard University's School of Education and for thirty years a teacher and administrator. He has taught ancient and medieval history, European history, anthropology, American history and a variety of electives in American, English and European literature. He is the former headmaster of Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York. He is a graduate of Harvard College and has a Ph.D. from Columbia University Teachers College.

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