Peter H. Gibbon: Publications

"Heroes for Our Age." American Educator magazine. Eleven-page excerpt from book A Call to Heroism. Winter 2003.

"Military Heroism Denied." VFW Magazine. Six-page excerpt from A Call to Heroism. January 2003.

A Call to Heroism: Renewing America's Vision of Greatness. Grove/Atlantic, July 2002.

"They called her Mother Jones: A life spent dignifying work." The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 2, 2002.

"A Hero of Education." Education Week, May 29, 2002.

"Happy Birthday, Mr. Franklin!" The Philadelphia Inquirer, January 17, 2002.

"Abandoned Heroes." The American Enterprise, September 2000.

"The End of Admiration: The Media and the Loss of Heroes." Imprimus, May 1999.

"Apologize for Columbus?" The Washington Post, October 12, 1998.

"Worthy of Praise." The Washington Post, July 4, 1998.

"How Should We Remember?" The Washington Post, May 25, 1998.

"Reflections on a man of undeniable character." The Baltimore Sun and The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 16, 1998.

"Not Finding Heroes, We Are The Poorer." The Los Angeles Times, November 30, 1997

and The Chicago Tribune, December 17, 1997.

"In Search of Heroes." Newsweek, January 18, 1993.

"Japan's Educational System Is Not Magic, But..." Education Week, Volume X, No. 10, November 1990.

"Schooling in Japan Offers Some Insights." The New York Times, April 23, 1989.

Two Significant Teachers." College Board Review, Winter 1985.

"Sacrifices and Satisfactions." A review of Adolescence: The Farewell to Childhood. Newsday, September 2, 1984.

"Education Commission Overlooks Need for Clerks, Truckers." The New York Times, January 22, 1984.

"Literature Review of Independent Schools." Teachers College Record, Vol. 85, No. 1, Fall l983.

"Why Be a Teacher?" The New York Times, May 1, 1983.

Book review of Strange Gods. Newsday, March 14, l982.

Book Review of The World of the Public School. Independent School, May 1979.

"From Rats to Humans." Book review of B. F. Skinner's The Shaping of a Behaviorist. Newsday, July 8, 1979.

"The Saving of a Culture." Book review of Person/Planet. Newsday, Sunday, December 24, 1978.

"The Making of a Guru." Book review of Werner Erhard. Newsday, Sunday, November 26, 1978.

"The Chaos of the City Schools." Book review of Acting Out: Coping with Big City Schools. Newsday, June 25, 1978.

"The Unromantic Job of Spying." Book review of Hitler's Spies. Newsday, August 13, 1978.

"A Lesson in Loyalty." Book review of A Place for Noah. Newsday, Sunday, June 25, l978.

"The TV Set as Arch-Villain." Book review of Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television. Newsday, March 26, 1978.

Book review of School Teacher. New York Teacher, January 1978.

Book review of Europeans Observe the American Revolution. The Social Science Record, April 1977.

"Dimi" Hackley Review, Winter 1977-78.

"Reflections on a Fast Day." The Social Studies, Vol. LXVII, No. 2, March/April 1977.

Book review of Schooling in Capitalist America. New York Teacher, May 1977.

"The Colonial Years." A review of social studies materials. The History Teacher, 1976.

Book review of Growing Up in America. The New York Teacher. October 17, 1976.

"Flunking the Test Flunks." A review of ABC television special on education. New York Teacher, 1976 and Independent School, October 1976.

Movie reviews in The History Teacher, 1976:

  • "Grist Miller"
  • "Cider Maker"
  • "The Birch Canoe Builder"
  • "Maple Sugar Farmer"

"The Romans." Movie review. The History Teacher, May l975.

"The Freedom-Joy Syndrome." Teachers College Bulletin, Vol. 77, December 1975, and American Educator, Summer 1977.

"My Own Experience." American Baby, June 1975.

"Man and State: Hamilton and Jefferson on Democracy."The History Teacher, 1975.

"Commentary on the Lilly Report." The History Teacher, Vol. VII, May l974.

"On Adolescence." The Independent School Bulletin, December l973.

"The Primary Source: A New Tool in History Teaching." The Independent School Bulletin, October l972.


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